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Moon Rose, November 28, 2011

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Moon Rose

 The wild flower tribe was a rare tribe.  These Indians were mostly boys.  Girls were scarce in this tribe.  Only three girls were born a year, five if they were lucky.  Big parties were held when a girl was born and a flower would be named in her honor.

One year, a baby girl was born and her name was Moon Rose after her flower.  She was a sweet, brave, and strong little girl.  On Moon Rose’s 20th birthday, the big flowers, another tribe, attacked her village.  Everyone was captured.  Only Moon Rose was left.  She abandoned her hiding place and made a deal with their leader, a race acrossDeath Valley where the winner would get the village and the people.

The race was on a cliff, the edge of the cliff.  “3, 2, 1, Go!”  The two were off!  Moon Rose was in the front.  The Chief could not afford to lose.  He shoved Moon Rose off the cliff.  She managed to grab a root but her chest was cut up by the rocks on her fall down.  Moon Rose climbed back into the race.  She ran until she couldn’t feel her legs.  She had won.  Moon Rose smiled as she saw her people released.  Three days later Moon Rose died.  The wild flower tribe threw her flower in the sky where it grew and grew. 

Now everybody can see a Moon Rose on nights when the moon is full.  The constellation reminds the wild flower tribe and the world of the girl who gave her life for her people.