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The Big One! April 13, 2011

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I went camping over the weekend and had a blast!  I went fishing with my brothers.  This is just a little something I wrote about one of the fish that I caught!!!

“No, no don’t put me on that hook.  I’m too young to die!  I’ll do anything, just don’t put me on that hook!”  It was too late.  I already stabbed that squirmy little worm on my hook for fish bait.  A shiver of excitement went down my spine as I casted my line into the great big puddle (a.k.a. lake)  I waited there.  My bobber was being rocked back and forth  with the waves like a little baby in a cradle.  I waited there starting to get a little impatient.  As fast as lightening, my bobber went down at least two feet.  I had a bite!  “Oh, oh, oh, oh boy it’s a big one!”  I screamed as I yanked my fishing pole from one side then to the other trying to reel in this big boy.  “I got it!”  Everything was quiet for a moment but then, the silence broke into laughter.  My so called “big boy” was not bigger than a sardine.