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Moon Sister, Part 1 March 6, 2011

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This is something I started and haven’t finished.  Any advice or comments would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moon Sister

“Help me.” Jassabel whispered to her only remaining family member.  “Tell my Mommy and Daddy I miss them and I’m gonna see them one day.”

Then Jassabel looked to the front of the van and saw the men that made her part ways with her family, Josh and John.  Jassabel hasn’t seen her Mom and Dad in six years.  She was three years old when they took her.  Now, she spends her life in a News 8 van dodging  police moving from city to city.  Jassabel dreams of waking up in her Daddy’s arms and her Mom knitting her a new sweater, and Ruffles (Her puppy) licking her toes.  That is all she wanted.  Not the X Box or laptop, but her family.

Jassabel looked high in the sky and asked her sister, “Can you stay for the morning?” and then her heavy eyes locked shut.

Jassabel  woke to the sound of changing channels on the radio.  Josh and John had just robbed the local bank while she was out cold, snoozing.   “…and the robbers have not been found.  We believe they are same two men that kidnapped Jessabel  Clark from her home.”

Josh and John’s mouths hit the ground.  They stared at each other in shock.  At the same time, this was like the best birthday gift ever for Jassabel! (although it wasn’t her birthday!)  A tear of joy shed from her left eye.  Jassabel looked up to the sky and could have sworn her sister shed a tear of joy too.  Someone was looking for her!

That sunny afternoon, Jassabel sang a song about going home.  Josh and John said it would never happen.  Jassabel just replied with a sassy, “You just wait and see!”

The boys were devising a plan to leave the city and start over somewhere new.  After Jessabell heard the plan, she felt like she needed a miracle in order to be found and go to her real home.  John and Josh thought that it would be safer if they left the United States and travel to Africa!  That was Jassabel’s nightmare!  Nobody could save a little girl taken across the ocean.   Jassabel looked up in the cloudless sky and sighed, “At least I have you.”

That night, Jassabel suddenly woke up.  Before she could scream, her mouth was covered by the hand of John.  Jassabel looked around and saw this was no News 8 van but a ginormous boat overflowing with sleeping people.  Jassabel knew they were at sea when she turned green and threw up…a.k.a. sea sick!