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I’m Back!!!!! August 10, 2012

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Hey everybody! Sorry I haven’t written in a long time. Its been a crazy summer this year. One of my highlights of this summer was Wesley Woods. Me and my brother Alex went there to stay for a week. It was really weird not being with my family for so long. I had a great time but I was glad to be home. So here’s a little something that I wrote about camp:



Splish splash

The waters so fast


With drama and praise

On all of the days


The food is so yummy

It fills up my tummy


Friends are everywhere

Happiness fills the air 🙂


Well I hope you guys like this.  I’m trying to write more on my blog.  Hopefully I’ll have a new post up soon!  Thanks for reading my blog.



Waves May 2, 2011

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Poetry is like a wave that carries you to strange places
A wave that goes where ever it wants
You can’t control a wave once it is in motion
You never know what the wave will do next
It expresses itself in ways we can’t always understand
A wave is a mystery, just like a poem


Clouds May be More Than You Think April 26, 2011

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Is a cloud made of cotton balls and cotton candy?

Is a cloud’s tears the rain that showers my face?

Is a cloud’s breath the wind that weaves through my hair?

Is a cloud the friend I lost many years ago?


Just another Poem!!! March 6, 2011

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Sadness is whistling in the wind.
Tears are falling from the clouds.
Everyone is moaning and groaning.
For summer has ended and school has begun!


Summer February 26, 2011

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Summer is my favorite season…no school, the beach, swimming, camping, and the list goes ON AND ON AND ON!!!  Surf’s up, Dude!


The sun is shining on the water.
The dolphins are jumping in and out of the glowing sea.
I’m gently floating on the water’s surface.
I dive through coral and see little sea horses.
Summer is me.

The sun is beating down on the ocean sand
The sandcastle seems alive like the real thing
I find starfish and seashells to complete my masterpiece
I am buried in sand from head to toe
Summer is me

The sun is setting in the sky
The waves are dying down to a gentle roll
Orange, pink, and yellow painted in the clouds
I wish this day would never end
Summer is me



Slither and Slide

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This is poetry that I wrote in first grade and still like.  Does the shape of the poem remind you of anything?

The Snake

Where is my dinner?
Down under a rock,
Between a tree trunk or
Or in a dog’s mouth?
I slither in a house
And find a mouse.
Dinner is served!