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The Big One! April 13, 2011

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I went camping over the weekend and had a blast!  I went fishing with my brothers.  This is just a little something I wrote about one of the fish that I caught!!!

“No, no don’t put me on that hook.  I’m too young to die!  I’ll do anything, just don’t put me on that hook!”  It was too late.  I already stabbed that squirmy little worm on my hook for fish bait.  A shiver of excitement went down my spine as I casted my line into the great big puddle (a.k.a. lake)  I waited there.  My bobber was being rocked back and forth  with the waves like a little baby in a cradle.  I waited there starting to get a little impatient.  As fast as lightening, my bobber went down at least two feet.  I had a bite!  “Oh, oh, oh, oh boy it’s a big one!”  I screamed as I yanked my fishing pole from one side then to the other trying to reel in this big boy.  “I got it!”  Everything was quiet for a moment but then, the silence broke into laughter.  My so called “big boy” was not bigger than a sardine.


St. Patrick’s Day March 13, 2011

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People go crazy over SPD (St. Patrick’s Day)

Everyone has probably heard of “Green Eggs and Ham”, but have you ever heard of a green river?  I just spent a long weekend in Chicago and that is exactly what I saw!  Positively, absolutely GREEN!!  Not asparagus green but Dr. Suess celery green.  It was so unnatural.  I saw green hair, green mustaches, green clothes, green cell phones, and even green faces.  Seriously?



The Ride of my Life…So Far February 26, 2011

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Here is something I wrote recently that I wanted to share.  Read with caution!

The Ride Of My Life…So Far

If you ever go tubing, make sure a maniac isn’t driving.  If one is, it won’t end pretty.
I finally had the guts to get on the tube.  I was jumpy and proud to be six years old and going tubing with the big girls, Breanna and Alaina!  That was before I found out I would be squeezed in-between two thirteen year olds.  I then had a feeling this trip might be rough.  We all were too big for the tube, so to make some room, they sat on my tinsy legs that almost shattered into billions of pieces.  Just then, when I was about to back out of this mess, the motor started.  Thirteen year olds cheer, six-year-old cries.
We start slow, and I think, “I might enjoy this!”  Breanna and Alaina disagree.  “Boo!  Boo!” they yelled.  So, speed goes up, my grip gets tighter, and my happiness turns into fear.  The maniac driver is now trying to flip us.  Luckily, we were on Big Mac, the tube.  He is almost impossible to flip.  Sharp turns, bumpy waves, some tricks that can’t even be put in words!  I got teary eyes when the iceberg water whipped my delicate face.  I wanted to scream but it would be no use, no one would hear me.  I thought nothing could be worse than this, but I was wrong.   I saw my nightmare.
My eyes widened, my skin turned pale, and a shiver went down my spine as my eyebrows magnified toward the sky.  An enormous wave!  That wave didn’t even have to stand on his tippy toes to touch the sun.  I whispered a while to myself knowing that I would die.  Alaina and Breanna shouted and screamed, exclaiming it was too big but Mr. Maniac ignored them.  As we approached the wave, we grabbed each other’s hands like this was the end.  But really, it was only the beginning.
I was so frightened I was gasping for air.  I had fright asthma.  I looked to the sandy shore and saw mouths on the beach.  Only six years old and I knew what they were thinking.  “How will they make that wave?”  Sadly, I knew the answer, “We won’t”.  I closed my eyes tighter than the lock on a bank door.  My palms were sweatier than a kid that did the monkey bars a thousand times.  I started to slip.  Three words popped in my head, “YOU CAN”T SWIM!” even though I was wearing a lifejacket.  The wave seemed to be going on forever and ever, like everything was in slow motion.
Just then we came to a halt in the middle of the lake.  The speedboat rocked gently like a baby cradle on the puny waves that once were huge.  I took deep breaths to cure my “fright asthma”.  Mr. Maniac and his buddies pulled us in to the boat.  He helped Breanna and Alaina out of Big Mac and saw me sitting there with black and blue legs, a red face, and blisters on my hands.  He helped me out and apologized to me explaining that he forgot I was in there.
It’s a pretty big booboo, but I accepted his apology.  The motor started again and we headed to the dock.  When we got there, I gathered up all of my remaining strength to crawl off the boat and hobble off the dock.  When I saw land, I was in love.  I fell into the sand, made a sand angel, and shouted, “Land, sweet land!”
Now, if I have a choice between water and land, that one experience, puts land ahead of water…every time!