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I’m Back!!!!! August 10, 2012

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Hey everybody! Sorry I haven’t written in a long time. Its been a crazy summer this year. One of my highlights of this summer was Wesley Woods. Me and my brother Alex went there to stay for a week. It was really weird not being with my family for so long. I had a great time but I was glad to be home. So here’s a little something that I wrote about camp:



Splish splash

The waters so fast


With drama and praise

On all of the days


The food is so yummy

It fills up my tummy


Friends are everywhere

Happiness fills the air 🙂


Well I hope you guys like this.  I’m trying to write more on my blog.  Hopefully I’ll have a new post up soon!  Thanks for reading my blog.



St. Patrick’s Day March 13, 2011

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People go crazy over SPD (St. Patrick’s Day)

Everyone has probably heard of “Green Eggs and Ham”, but have you ever heard of a green river?  I just spent a long weekend in Chicago and that is exactly what I saw!  Positively, absolutely GREEN!!  Not asparagus green but Dr. Suess celery green.  It was so unnatural.  I saw green hair, green mustaches, green clothes, green cell phones, and even green faces.  Seriously?



Hello World! February 23, 2011

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I am so excited to have this blog up and running!  I love to write stories, poetry, and essays.  I can’t wait for you to read my writing.  I hope you like it and make comments so that I can grow as a writer.  Thanks for reading!!!